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Add-On JSON Generator is an MCBE add-on creation utility, which is being developed for the simplification of common repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as mass item/block creation, pack initializing/compiling, defining skins for Skin packs, etc.

AJG  can be used to:

  • Initialize or create a new Add-On, including Manifests, pack_icons, versions and scripting modules.
    • Quickly add/remove content.jsons
  • Mass generate Items from their textures only, including BP/RP files, automatic .lang names, and texture definitions.
    • Full configurability;
    • Automatic Custom Weapon (pre 1.16.100) creation (with customizable damage values), via automatically modifying/creating a player.json and a server animation controller;
    • can create 1000 Weapons in under 7 seconds (provided you have 1000 weapon textures);
  • Mass generate Blocks from their texture files only, including Bhv/Res files, automatic .lang names, and texture definitions.
    • Full configurablity, including custom models;
    • Directional Blocks: Y, X-Z, or X-Y-Z axis rotatability!
    • Automatic map_color definition;
    • Automatic flipbook texture definition;
  • Create custom highly configurable Biomes swiftly, including Bhv/Res biome files.
    • Water/fog/water-fog Color picker
  • Quickly generate empty canvases/templates for:
    •  Custom Entities (bhv/res files + animation- and render controller), Loot- and Trade tables, Shapeless- and Shaped Recipes, Spawn Rules, and even Custom ore Features and Feature Rules.
  • Instantly convert a folder with skins into a Skin Pack, including Skin Pack Manifests and automatic skin .lang names (reformatted from texture file names).
  • And, additionally:
    • Compile your Add-Ons/packs into .mcaddon/.mcpacks in two clicks.

AJG also includes detailed help windows for every tab, as well as toolTips. Enjoy!

Intended to be used with:

In case you have questions, suggestions or in need of help, you can contact the creator on this Discord server..

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Buy Now$3.50 USD or more

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